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Cal-Dendro is a fully equipped tree-ring laboratory within the department of Geography and the Environment at California State University Fullerton. Trevis J. Matheus is the principal researcher of Cal-Dendro. 

Becoming a Lab Member:

The world needs more dedicated and motivated students trained in field and laboratory research. As a result I am always looking for new students who are interested in joining the lab or volunteering for field work. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in joining the lab email me: tmatheus(at)


Cal-Dendro prides it's self in the members of our lab. Our members have varying backgrounds and interests, but we are motivated and passionate in our pursuit of knowledge about our natural environment

Principal Investigator: Trevis J. Matheus

Trevis is the Principal Investigator of Cal-Dendro and is involved with all facets of the lab's research.


Graduate Student: Olivia Hinton

B.A. Earth Science, California State University, Fullerton

Research interests: Geomorphology, geography at the community college level, and learning about the past through the study of dendrochronology

Thesis topic: Determining past lake levels of Crystal Lake in the San Gabriel Mountains


Graduate Student: Raymond Villalba

B.A. Geography, Cal State University Long Beach 

Research interests: Taking on a new challenge of learning dendrochronology to study past environments.

Thesis topic: Examining the growth response of Sugar pine (P. lambertiana) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


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Research at Cal-Dendro primarily focuses on placing our modern climate into context using paleoclimate proxies. We employ a variety of research methods, and sampling procedures to elucidate the hydroclimate of the late Quaternary period. Research topics include eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain snowpack, millennial length examinations of the North American Monsoon,  species specific climate response,  as well as, developing new species  (P. edulis P. lambertiana) and methodologies for use in dendroclimatology.




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  • Trevis Matheus
  • Cal-Dendro Lab
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